RAM Manager Pro

November 7, 2013 rose white 0

This application optimizes the RAM of all android devices and improves the performance in all directions. We tested the best RAM balance which makes your […]

Asteroid Defense witches

October 24, 2013 rose white 0

Asteroid Defense 2 is the evolution of the first game, entirely developed based on the player”s feedback by adding new items, weapons, enemies, campaign game […]

Sprinkle Islands

October 23, 2013 rose white 0

Titan burns again – Award winning, fire fighting, water-physics puzzler Sprinkle is back with an all new adventure! In a not so distant future, a […]

HDR Camera+

October 22, 2013 rose white 0

HDR Camera+ grew up into A Better Camera – all-purpose, full featured camera for Android! 11 shooting modes, full camera control. HDR mode is free […]

Tweetings for Twitter

October 19, 2013 rose white 0

Tweetings is a powerful Twitter Client for Android devices.- True Push Notifications! Runs over 3G or WiFi for mentions, dms, when you get a new […]

Doodle God™

October 15, 2013 rose white 0

ALL NEW VERSION WITH EXCLUSIVE CONTENT! Available in 13 different languages with HD Graphics. UNLEASH YOUR IMAGINATION & BE A GOD The power of creation […]

Ant Smasher

October 10, 2013 rose white 0

Smash ants with your finger in this great game! Ant Smasher is more social now – you can smash your friends’ pictures!!! Highly entertaining for […]