Dubstep DubPad Buttons PAID

I was tired of these only-drum-apps if you searched for Dubstep Pads, so I got inspired to make an app that already gives you the drum beats so you can play thick sounds over it.
That’s the result.

Again this information: Google inctroduced new audio drivers in android 4.1 which are improved, so the latency becomes reduced. Phones below 4.1 might have a terrible latency. This is not my fault, please don’t judge me for this.
If you plan to buy this app, make sure you are fine with the performance in the free version.

The paid version gives you 128kbit/s audio files and an ad-free layout. In addition to that you get one more sound row in a few weeks and you receive all updates earlier.

!!! I’m sorry about raising the price by 9 cents. But the transaction fees between a purchase and my german bank account made my share so low, even skrillex couldn’t drop it that deep

apps download link       apps download  link2     download link 3

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