Kaspersky Mobile Security

Kaspersky Mobile security to protect your Android devices, for a reasonable price, Kaspersky Mobile Security is an excellent choice.” – PCMAG.COM*

Kaspersky Mobile Security delivers the latest security technologies to protect Android smartphones from viruses, Internet threats, phishing sites, spyware and spam. It includes easy-to-use, advanced privacy features and – if your phone is lost or stolen – you can remotely protect your data and find the location of your missing phone.

• Automatic virus-scanning of apps
• Real-time, cloud-enabled protection – for rapid reaction to new and emerging threats
• On-demand and scheduled scans allow you to run antivirus scanning when it’s most convenient for you
• Over-the-air antivirus database updates – for minimal impact on performance
• Device Admin feature prevents unauthorised un-installation – so third-party apps and other users cannot access the Kaspersky Mobile Security application, without the secret code

• Blocks dangerous or malicious websites
• Alerts you about fraudulent or phishing websites that may try to steal your money or your identity

• Remotely block access to your Android smartphone if it’s lost or stolen
• Remotely ‘wipe’ your phone – to delete your personal information
• Find your missing phone’s location – with GPS, Wi-Fi and Google Maps
• Block, clean or locate your missing phone – even if your SIM card has been replaced

• Receive only the calls and texts that you want to receive
• Block unwanted calls and texts from unknown numbers

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