MP3 Call Recorder Full Version

Mp3 Call Recorder Full Version

Record directly into high-quality MP3 files!

The application “MP3 Call Recorder” supports:

– Record all incoming and outgoing calls automatically in MP3 format.
– Share records per Email, Skype, Bluetooth, Dropbox.
– Play/Stop/Pause records using Audio Player.
– Open records by external Media Player.
– Rename records.
– Delete all calls from phones.
– Turn ON and Turn OFF recording of calls.
– Turn ON and Turn OFF toast messages.
– Audio Channel is configurable. You can use Mono or Stereo. Channel Mono is guaranteed to work on all devices.
– Supports the sample rate expressed in Hertz. 44100Hz is currently the only rate that is guaranteed to work on all devices, but other rates such as 22050Hz, 16000Hz, and 8000Hz may work on some devices.

All calls are saved in the folder MyCallRecordings on SD Card of your phone.
Try to record with different configurations until you find best solution for your phone.

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