Nova launcher apps

nova launcher apps

Nova launcher apps is a speedy app launcher (which means it modifies the basic interface of your phone or tablet somewhat, changing the user interface you use to browse and launch apps in the process).

It mostly focuses on bits and pieces of functionality that fit right in with what’s already there, such as infinite scrolling along your Home screen, meaning you can scroll left or right and loop through all of your apps and widgets, or color controls, meaning you can organize your folders or other items by color.

Nova Launcher  apps is one of the most popular third-party home screens in the Android ecosystem. If you’ve never tried it, the enthusiasm for it probably seems rather odd. What can possibly be so good about increasing the number of rows or columns on your home screen or installing icon packs, lots of default launchers support similar features anyway, right?

As a long time Nova Launcher apps user myself, I’m going to share my five favorite features, which might just entice you to try Nova out for yourself. If you’re already a Nova user, maybe you’ll learn something new.

Gestures can go much further though. You can apply them to app icons on your home screen too so that swiping rather than clicking performs an additional action. This is a very handy feature for doubling up the function of an icon. You might have two favorite messaging apps, and decide launch one with a tap and another with a swipe, both using the same icon. You could make it so clicking your camera icon launches the app, but swiping up on it opens the gallery.

The feature can do more than just open a second app though. You can use icon swipes to go straight to a contact or start up a music playlist, begin a voice search, get directions to a saved location, and more. There are hundreds, if not thousands of possibilities here to configure things just to your liking.

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